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BioShock Remastered [v1.0.122864  u3] (2016)
BioShock Remastered [v1.0.122864 u3] (2016) PC 8.39 GB| RePack by = nemos =
Year: September 16, 2016
Genre: Adventure,Action (Shooter), 3D , 1st Person, Compilation
Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Blind Squirrel
Publisher: 2K
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0.122864 (Update 3)
Publication Type: Repack
Language: mulyi
Tablet: Enclosure (ALI213)

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Category: Game
BioShock Collection - Remastered (RUS/ENG) [RePack] - VickNet

BioShock: Collection - Remastered (RUS/ENG) [RePack] - VickNet (PC/ENG/2016)
English, Russian | PC | 2016 | 15.57 GB
Genre: Action, Shooter, 3D, 1st-Person, Compilation

Ten years is a fair period, even for the history of an ordinary city, and under water a decade is comparable to eternity. During this time, the utopian city of Delight has decayed even more, and some of its regions have been completely dominated by water. However, it still smoldered life - predatory, aggressive and always ready to fight. The most cruel and treacherous mutants are still wandering under the cracked dome in search of their victims. And you have to face them, because you return to Delight ... Ten years after the events of the original game in a small town on the Atlantic coast, strange and sinister things begin to happen - small girls are disappearing there. Traces of the kidnapper are lost in the coastal waters, and it becomes obvious that the solution of the mystery must be sought under water. Under the dome of Delight, you return in a new capacity - in the role of the very first Grand Daddy, who retained will and mind. At the bottom of the ocean in the ruins of the once beautiful fantastic metropolis you have to fight with your brothers, with mutants and with the new mistress of Delight - the grown-up Sister.
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