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Subliminal Shop - Awakener Version 1.0
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The Awakener is the first example of energy flooding, In-The Moment State Shifting and Instant On subliminal technology I created, along with the Sleep Aid. It has been in testing for 3 years, and has proven useful and safe the whole time. The Awakener is the reverse of the Sleep Aid.
In testing, the Awakener usually requires 3 to 7 minutes to kick in. It will continue to increase in effect for an amount of time that is determined by the state of your brain when you use it. It is generally useful for three specific things:
When you are trying to wake up in the morning, and you’re having a hard time.
When your brain is in need of sleep (chemically exhausted) and you’re trying to stay awake longer.
When you need to focus your brain back to Beta levels of awareness during the day.
This program is also the first one to require the Audio to Silence Blance Ratio (ASRB), and in fact it was for this program that ASRB was originally conceived. This is true because the awakener causes your brain to be focused on staying awake and being wakeful, which requires energy. If you remain in this state too long without a break, it will actually fatigue your brain as it uses up energy reserves faster than they can be replenished. For this reason, we have a 15:5 ASRB ratio in this program, meaning that after every 15 minutes of audio, there is 5 minutes of silence. The effect is to allow your brain a rest, and then pick up again just as it is running out of the effects of the previous 15 minutes of exposure.

Regardless, over time and too much exposure at a time, this program will tend to exhaust the brain. It is not designed to be a way to stay awake forever, or defy your natural need for sleep for extended periods of time. It is designed to help you wake up, help you remain awake and help you maximize your awakeness when you need sleep.

Some of the testers reported that for them, it was more powerful than and better than caffeine. I have to agree with that, up to the point that you start entering too much exposure in a single sitting, which will tend to make you tired again. What is too much? That depends on the person, and the state of their brain when they use it:
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